Nakashima Mika and Shimizu Kunihiro divorce

Music artist Nakashima Mika and Panasonic Panthers professional volleyball player, Shimizu Kunihiro filed for divorce on February 2nd.

Nakashima and Shimizu married on December 25, 2014 after dating for about three years.

The reason for their divorce was that the two lived in different cities and a long distance relationship became difficult for the two. Nakashima Mika lived in Tokyo, Shimizu Kunihiro lived in Osaka and it was difficult to make time for each other due to their different career paths.

Both released a joint announcement that they are thankful for the time spent together and that time is irreplaceable and both are thankful.

Nakashima will release a new single titled “KISS OF DEATH” (produced by HYDE) on March 7th.