Why does Hello Kitty NOT have a Mouth?

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Back in 1974, Shimizu Yuko created the popular Sanrio character, Hello Kitty.

Now designed by Yamaguchi Yuko, Hello Kitty is a global marketing phenomenon.  Back in 2014, the character was worth $7 billion.

But for decades many have wondered, why doesn’t Hello Kitty have a mouth?

With News interviewed a Sanrio spokesperson and was told that since Sanrio was founded in 1960, many people have felt happiness, sadness, pain, fun and emotions that can help people discuss from the heart.  And this is part of the “Social Communication Business” that Sanrio has continued to promote.

Based on the concept of “Small Gift, Big Smile”, Sanrio characters are born as a “gift” as a character that has a heart and communicates with its heart.

Hello Kitty continues to communicate the message of “Nakayoku” (which means to “become friendly” or “to make friends”) as a friendship’s messenger who values the contacts with one’s heart and mind.

Also, there is a perspective that viewers can freely imagine their own facial expressions.  When people see Hello Kitty, they are happy. By having a character without a mouth, it’s an expressionless expression on a face that is a healing impression for those looking at the character.