LISA’s return to m-flo, trio releases first music video in 16 years

Last December, it was announced that LISA will be reuniting with m-flo and on February 14th, the trio which includes VERBAL and Taku, released their music video “No Question”.

Before m-flo, Verbal and Taku met as students at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo and were known back then as N.M.D.   While after high school, Verbal left to attend Boston College while Taku relocated to Los Angeles.  When they returned to Japan, the duo reunited to perform on clubs.

But the two would invited their friend Elizabeth Sakura Narita, a Columbian/Japanese singer who is known as LISA and a friend who also attended St. Mary’s.  The group would release a single “Been So Long” as Mediarite-Flow and then shortened to “M-Flo” and would release a limited-run vinyl in 1998 through Rhythm Republic, which would attract Avex Trax sub0label Rhythm Zone.

The group’s first major label release “The Tripod E.P.” was released in 1999 and they would land the #7 position on the Oricon charts.  In 2000, they released their first full-length album “Planet Shining” and would reach #6 on the Oricon Album charts.

But while m-flo was riding sky high, LISA would announce that she was leaving the group in 2002.  And since then, the duo would collaborate with numerous female artists and groups.

For many fans of m-flo when LISA was part of the group, this is no doubt an awesome reunion!

m-flo will be releasing “the tripod ep 2” on March 7th and the group plans to hold a live “m-flo Intergalactic Dinner Show” for Billboard Live Tokyo in Roppongi on March 16th.